Emma + Phil


Just received my daughter's wedding photos. This guy is excellent. He's never in your face, makes you feel at ease and picks some great moments to click the button. He stayed all day and got amongst it all like an invited friend. Thanks Derek. Your art will stay with us for a lifetime.


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Fun wedding photos or photos of people having fun?

Fun Wedding Photography

Do you want fun wedding photos or photos of you and your guests having fun? Is there a difference and does it matter?

There is a difference and whether it matters is up to you. Just be authentic, enjoy your day and do what comes naturally. Creating fun/whacky/crazy photos for the sake of it will look out of place at a wedding that isn't fun. You'll know the truth, and that's what matters, not the Internet 'likes' for staged fun. Have photos that will live and age well, not photos you don’t want to look at.

 Bride down! Bride down!

Bride down! Bride down!


Beautiful moments during bridal prep


I love the little girl drinking the Coca-Cola, this element of the image reminds me of my own boys. Ours are only allowed to drink Coke at parties, or when we eat out, it's definitely not a daily drink for them, more of an occasion drink. Not because I’m a miserable git, but because drinking shit loads of Coke as a kid has costs me hundreds of pounds in the dentists chair.

I see the girl being a little bit cheeky, maybe nicking a drop while mum is busy having her hair done, knowing there wasn't much mum could do at the time. I know my boys would be doing the same!

The interaction between the mother of the bride and her granddaughter is also pretty special as well. This element would make a great photo on it’s own, but combined with the others it’s makes it even more interesting.