Family Photography Lake Meadows Billericay

Summer holidays are here!

My boys are now enjoying their last days at school before breaking up for the summer holidays. I cannot wait to enjoy the lazy days, busy days, park days, bike rides, endless football games, the zoo, the beach, visiting friends and family, the weddings, the portrait shoots, the ice cream, and even the tantrums, I welcome it all.

Here are a few images from a recent family portrait shoot. We had a little walk around Lake Meadows and had some fun along the way. Have a great summer holiday!

A Beautiful Baptism at St Michael's Church in Aveley Essex

I've met this little one before, and now fast forward a few months, or 6, we're at the baptism. I'm in such a privileged position, it's ridiculous. Weddings, newborns and baptisms, I get hired to do 'my thing' no questions asked. What's 'my thing'? I'm drawn to people, their relationships, the interactions, all the little (big) bits is what makes it for me.

Ask questions and dare to be different

Steve Jobs once said something along the lines of... Life is what we're told it is, the rules, the way things are done, these are all 'man-made' by people no smarter than you or I. Living within those rules can be limiting, it can be a good life, but a limited life.

Isn't that crazy how we all, for the most part, work and live within those rules? My wish is for you to push and pull those rules occasionally, ask questions and let's see what happens.