how long do formal wedding pictures take?

I don't have any traditions or formalities when it comes to photography, especially weddings. As for formal group shots on the wedding day, I shoot whats requested. Before the day, I ask my couples to think about what group shots they really want, if I'm going to start dictating and moving people around, and more importantly keeping people from the bar ;) then I want to make sure it's something my couples are actually interested in and want. Rather than trotting out group shot after group shot.

Some couples don't want any formal group shots; some want one or two and some half a dozen. Depending on your needs I'll be looking to spend around 10 to 15 minutes on group photos, so no time at all. The formals will be short and sweet, with added humour to speed things up a little and to get some great smiles and giggles along the way.

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Father and Son

I adore this image; the eyes the effection, just wonderful. I once read something along the lines of "do the work you want to see done". For me, that's "take the photos you want to see". Obviously, I want to please my couples and families, but I am shooting for me. Being genuine and creating images that make my heart skip is what makes me happy and is what will please those that trust me.


Family Photography Lake Meadows Billericay

Summer holidays are here!

My boys are now enjoying their last days at school before breaking up for the summer holidays. I cannot wait to enjoy the lazy days, busy days, park days, bike rides, endless football games, the zoo, the beach, visiting friends and family, the weddings, the portrait shoots, the ice cream, and even the tantrums, I welcome it all.

Here are a few images from a recent family portrait shoot. We had a little walk around Lake Meadows and had some fun along the way. Have a great summer holiday!

For more information and to arrange your family portrait experience please get in touch soon, I look forward to hearing from you. 


A Beautiful Baptism at St Michael's Church in Aveley Essex

I've met this little one before, and now fast forward a few months, or 6, we're at the baptism. I'm in such a privileged position, it's ridiculous. Weddings, newborns and baptisms, I get hired to do 'my thing' no questions asked. What's 'my thing'? I'm drawn to people, their relationships, the interactions, all the little (big) bits is what makes it for me.