Gemma & Simon // Waltham Abbey Wedding Photography

Gemma & Simon's brilliant wedding day in waltham abbey.

A day full of love, rain, fun, hugs, smiles, laughs and great stories. It was an absolute pleasure to be present and witness such a beautiful day. I often get asked for wedding day advice; I also give the same answer over and over. Do it your way, and if you enjoy music get a live band! That's it.

Pre-wedding Portrait Experience Essex // Danielle & Oliver

Danielle & Oliver's entertaining pre-wedding portrait experience took place in Norsey Wood, Billericay Essex

My approach and techniques tap into life experiences and shared moments, so I'll often recommend that couples would have been together for around three years minimum to get the most from what I can offer. My thinking is that a couple being together for a year or two just wouldn't have the life experiences for me to work with. Mostly I'm right, but Danielle & Oliver proved that advice to be wrong, in this case anyway. They have an emotional connection that seems to be way beyond their time together, in this case just shy of a year. I knew they hadn't been together long, and so had already planned a more posey portrait session. I picked up on their connection almost instantly and decided to revert to what I know best, encouraging the best of you. Portrait photography is a two-way thing; it's not about the photographer, it's about the subject and the photographer. It's about the interaction between everyone involved, and if everyone involved is prepared, to be honest, and genuine and open to new ideas, authentic moments can happen. It's those real moments that better anything false or forced.

Pre-wedding portrait experience Norsey wood Billericay Essex // Samantha & Dan

Samantha & Dan having a great time with their Pre-wedding portrait experience that took place at a sunny Norsey Wood, Billericay Essex

I'm really enjoying the experience I provide for my couples. The benefits and discovery work both ways, and of all the events and special occasions, I photograph The Portrait Experience has to be my favourite, at the moment. The freedom of no expectation, and me doing as I please is bliss.



Pre-wedding Photography experience in Essex // Amy & Liam

Amy & Liam enjoying a fun, memorable Pre-wedding Photography Experience in Essex


The portrait experience I provide is an excellent way to get to know me as a person and photographer. The majority of my couples feel comfortable with me within the first few minutes of the experience beginning. This is because I've spent a few years practising the technique, and believing in my methods and what I have to say. There would be no questions I'd ask you that I haven't already asked myself, that's why I know they work and what effect they could have on you. There's always lots of laughs, smiles, hugs, kisses and sometimes the odd tear, it's your portrait experience so you can take it anywhere you want to go. The ridiculously fantastic Amy & Liam.

Alternative Pre-wedding Photographers Essex // Georgia & Lee

Georgia & Lee enjoyed their late evening Pre-wedding Photography experience in Norsey Wood, Billericay Essex

The wonderfully fantastic Georgia & Lee provided themselves and me with so many great moments. Thoughtful, open and funny is how I'd describe these two. Both have a will and desire to work hard to succeed, so I'm sure there'll be many more achievements and success stories ahead. I've gone a little bit more experimental here; I've altered my shooting and editing style, darker than normal, it's good to be able to mix it up a little, and I'm fortunate to have couples that trust me to do as I please.

Wedding Photography // how long do formal wedding pictures take?

I don't have any traditions or formalities when it comes to photography, especially weddings. As for formal group shots on the wedding day, I shoot whats requested. Before the day, I ask my couples to think about what group shots they really want, if I'm going to start dictating and moving people around, and more importantly keeping people from the bar ;) then I want to make sure it's something my couples are actually interested in and want.

Some couples don't want any formal group shots; some want one or two and some half a dozen. Depending on your needs I'll be looking to spend around 10 to 15 minutes on group photos, so no time at all. The formals will be short and sweet, with added humour to speed things up a little and to get some great smiles and giggles along the way.

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Father and Son

I adore this image; the eyes the effection, just wonderful. I once read something along the lines of "do the work you want to see done". For me, that's "take the photos you want to see". Obviously, I want to please my couples and families, but I am shooting for me. Being genuine and creating images that make my heart skip is what makes me happy and is what will please those that trust me.