derek anson



Hello. I'm Derek Anson, and I'm a professional documentary wedding photographer based in Billericay, Essex, and I'm available for commissions all over the UK. 

I live in a cosy house with my amazing wife and our two fantastic boys. We are out and about as much as possible, and I like nothing more than spending time with our sons.

For me, a wedding is all about the people, your friends, family, those behind the scenes, everyone that's come together to celebrate and make the day possible. I approach wedding days with the aim of telling your story, capturing your day as it plays out without dictation or interference.

I experienced the power of a photograph from a young age, and that has stayed with me throughout my life. Our family photos were a collection of albums and loose prints kept in a medium-sized travel case. My brother and I used to spend hours sitting down going through all the photographs, trying to guess which baby photo was who, loving how young our grandparents looked, and laughing at our dad and his 1970's shoulder length curly hair. They were fun times; I enjoyed that, and I cherish the memories.

Being a documentary wedding photographer isn't just about being present on the day and recording what everyone wore and looked like. It's about documenting the fleeting moments, telling the story, really being amongst the wedding party and trying to capture something in a picture that I feel and experience.

The images are not just for the here and now, and they will go on to form and be part of a families history. They will be for your children and their children, what a fantastic/scary/brilliant/fantastic thought. It goes without saying I'm genuinely thankful and fortunate to be doing what I do, it's an honour and absolute privilege, I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 07515568490