About you. You value friendship, are close to your family, and you're not afraid to express how you feel. You enjoy the outdoors, not quite Bear Grylls, but you enjoy walks and outdoor activities. Your partner is your best friend, a real life companion, someone you're proud of, and someone you couldn't live without.

For whatever reason you want to enjoy my portrait experience (to celebrate your engagement, an important wedding anniversary, or simply because now feels like the right time) be assured that my sensitive, documentary approach will tell your authentic story.

The portrait experience I offer is fun, rewarding and will help you tap into life experiences and shared moments. I'm able to do this by using a series of fun games, prompts, and invites that help you relax and feel comfortable in a short space of time. 

My methods allow you an opportunity to have a rewarding experience, to relive happy moments, laugh at embarrassing situations, and maybe reflect on sad times, but I leave that up to you. I'll never ask you to smile, pretend to be happy or sad, or say cheese ;) The memories you explore and the direction we take is your call, it's totally up to you. I’ll do my best to make you feel at ease, so we capture you at your best and take creative, emotive images you’ll enjoy forever.