Father + Son

I adore this image; the eyes the affection, just wonderful. Obviously, I want to please my couples and families, but I am shooting for me. Being genuine and creating images that make my heart skip is what makes me happy and is what will please those that trust me.


Family Photography Lake Meadows Billericay

Summer holidays are here!

My boys are now enjoying their last days at school before breaking up for the summer holidays. I cannot wait to enjoy the lazy days, busy days, park days, bike rides, endless football games, the zoo, the beach, visiting friends and family, the weddings, the portrait shoots, the ice cream, and even the tantrums, I welcome it all.

Here are a few images from a recent family portrait shoot. We had a little walk around Lake Meadows and had some fun along the way. Have a great summer holiday!

For more information and to arrange your family portrait experience please get in touch soon, I look forward to hearing from you. 


Fleur Mathew(with one t) and the gang

Portrait Photography Havering

Later this year I get to shoot Fleur & Mathew's wedding, and I'm looking forward to it, even if I do have the challenge of organising a large-ish group shot full of children ;). I'll be sure to pack the bribes, lots of Haribo! We decided to use their pre-wedding portrait shoot as a family session, this is an option I offer to all my couples with children. 

I've only spent a few hours with this family, and I feel as if I know them already. Fleur & Mathew are good parents, and their children are great fun. They have lots of time & love for each other, and they know how to have a great time. All the children have lovely personalities, having two boys are in the same age range means I'm well up with all the dinosaur/Minecraft chit chat.

My family portrait sessions are a blast. We play lots of games and have a good laugh along the way. That comes across in the final images as they are filled with smiles, cuddles, hugs and lots of lovely affection.

The Shaw Family

Family Portrait Photography

Here's a few from a lovely portrait experience that took place in the comfort of the family home. The first time we met was about three years ago; it's lovely to see how the little one has grown and, of course, it was nice to meet the new addition.

Family Photography Hornchurch

Nancy // Family Photography Hornchurch

Here we have the beautiful Nancy and her super proud parents. I like to keep my portrait sessions relatively natural and relaxed, so I'm minimal when it comes to the gear and props I use. In this case, my props are the parents, how much more natural could that be? Two new parents are adoring and cherishing their newborn daughter, all done in the family home!