Beautiful moments during bridal prep


I love the little girl drinking the Coca-Cola, this reminds me of my own boys. Ours are only allowed to drink Coke at parties, or when we eat out, it's definitely not a daily drink for them, more of an occasion drink. Not because I’m a miserable git, but because drinking shit loads of Coke as a kid has costs me hundreds of pounds in the dentists chair.

I see the girl being a little bit cheeky, maybe nicking a drop while mum is busy having her hair done, knowing there wasn't much mum could do at the time. I know my boys would be doing the same!

The morning of a wedding day, bridal prep

Emma // Bridal prep at The Fennes, Essex

Emma // Bridal prep at The Fennes, Essex

I usually start my wedding day coverage with bridal prep; it's a lovely part of the day which only a few people get to enjoy at each wedding. Me being one of the lucky ones. 
I enjoy this part of the morning because it's mostly very relaxed, I get to meet those closet to the bride, they get to know me a little, and they also get used to having me hanging around.
I love hearing the stories. I might get lucky and have the bride share an embarrassing tale regarding the groom, or learn about some odd quirks, or surprises planned for the day. Something I'd otherwise have missed or not known about if I hadn't been there.
If this isn't for you then not to worry, not all of my brides want photos of the bridal prep time, which I'm totally fine with. It's your day so do what makes you happy.