Elisabet & Kevin // Woodlands House Wedding Dagenham Essex

Elisabet & Kevin were wed on a beautiful summers day with the ceremony at Woodlands House, Dagenham Essex.

The majority of the weddings I get to enjoy are full days; it's common for me to be with my couples for 12 hours and more. Occasionally I get hired by couples that don't require extensive coverage; some just want me for an hour or two, which is fine.
As I consider myself to be a documentary photographer I much prefer a full day, but now and then I'll take a 'ceremony only' wedding. They tend to be smaller in numbers, more intimate, and more of a challenge. To be successful in documenting a day of marriage and celebration, I like to go unnoticed, the more numbers, the more hiding places I've got. So the smaller more intimate wedding provides a few challenges. 
Being a shade under 6' 2" I'm not the easiest to hide, and my choice of equipment requires me to be up close amongst the guests, so I take great pleasure in appearing ninja-like and getting images that are up close while going unnoticed. Here are a few images from Elisabet & Kevin's beautiful ceremony at Woodlands House.

Charlotte and Tony

Woodlands House Alternative Wedding Photography

Charlotte and Tony's wedding day at Woodlands house was full of hugs, smiles, and a few tears. A fantastic bunch of people and a beautiful day, it doesn't get much better.