What Happens If It Rains On My Wedding Day?

Gemma arriving at Waltham Abbey

Gemma arriving at Waltham Abbey

What happens if it rains on your wedding day? I get wet, my cameras will be fine and my skin is waterproof.

In all seriousness. The weather is the weather, it can't be controlled but we can make plans. From your side, if the weather has a chance to impact the day, like an outdoor wedding, then have a backup plan. Either an indoor option or wellies and brollies.

For me, the weather isn't that big a deal. Sure I would like warm sunny days, but it is what it is. If it's sunny, it's sunny, and if it rains, then we might get wet.

My approach to wedding photography is documentary, unposed and unstaged. I don't rely on good weather to deliver what I do, the weather like everything else becomes part of your day. Embrace whatever happens and smile, just like Gemma.