Danielle + Oliver

Danielle & Oliver's entertaining pre-wedding portrait experience took place in Norsey Wood, Billericay Essex

My approach and techniques tap into life experiences and shared moments, so I'll often recommend that couples would have been together for around three years minimum to get the most from what I can offer. My thinking is that a couple being together for a year or two just wouldn't have the life experiences for me to work with. Mostly I'm right, but Danielle & Oliver proved that advice to be wrong, in this case anyway. They have an emotional connection that seems to be way beyond their time together, in this case just shy of a year. I knew they hadn't been together long, and so had already planned a more posey portrait session. I picked up on their connection almost instantly and decided to revert to what I know best, encouraging the best of you. Portrait photography is a two-way thing; it's not about the photographer, it's about the subject and the photographer. It's about the interaction between everyone involved, and if everyone involved is prepared to be honest, and genuine and open to new ideas, authentic moments can happen. It's those real moments that better anything staged or forced.