Ask questions and dare to be different


Steve Jobs once said something along the lines of... Life is what we're told it is, the rules, the way things are done, these are all 'man-made' by people no smarter than you or I. Living within those rules can be limiting, it can be a good life, but a limited life.

Isn't that crazy how we all, for the most part, work and live within those rules? My wish is for you to push and pull those rules occasionally, ask questions and let's see what happens.





Barafundle Bay

There are no facilities at the beach and the nearest carpark is a good 20 minutes away on foot, but it's definitely worth the effort. I was going to say if you have the Sun then it's a fantastic place to be, but even with crappy weather, I'd imagine Barafundle Bay to still be magical. Spectacular views along the coastline and crystal clear water, a regular when it comes to "The top beaches in the world" listings. Barafundle Bay is beautiful.

Our Boys

One day they’ll stop asking for hugs, they’ll no longer want to play football or create something amazing with LEGO. Cherish every moment and make time no matter how busy life gets.


Having two young boys means I find these around the house... all the time. It drives me crazy but it's kind of nice.