Managing your images

I mainly use Aperture but this may apply to other software that manages a collection of images. If you use Aperture you will have the option to reference your files or let the application manage them. Always reference, letting the application manage them could (will) cause you problems. If your library corrupts and no longer wants to play the game it could take your images with it. Referencing files leaves them in their purest form and will allow you more options when it comes to accessibility. I started off on the application managed path but thankfully relocating those files is a simple task. Backup, relocate and backup again.

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Convenience and Quality

"Because as fun as it is to share iPhone photos conveniently on Instagram, that can’t be my only photography: I also need some photos that won’t look like shit when I look back on them in the future." - Macro Arment

The above quote is from a good blog post I read earlier over at, I do recommend reading it in full.

I'm a big iPhone cam user and it's my favourite camera, the one I reach for first. I rarely go for the 5D, that's become my work camera and I hardly ever use it around the home with my family. That's something I'm changing, starting today.

The reason for the iPhone use is convenience. It's the camera I carry everywhere and the results look great on the small screen. If you've viewed your hip iPhone images on a big screen and felt disappointed with them then one way of adding value and some magic is to have them printed. A printed image always looks and certainly feels better than the digital version. Having prints made is also another backup of your precious moments.

Instagram prints by

Instagram prints by

Trusted suppliers - MUA & Hair Stylist covering Sussex, Essex & London

Wedding Suppliers in Essex, Sussex & London

It can be hard finding trusted suppliers that can inspire confidence, offer a level of excellence & reliability, especially when it comes to your wedding day.

MUAs in Essex, Sussex & London

I can confidently recommend the following make up artists & hair stylists. All offer slightly different services and cover the areas of Sussex, Essex & London. So for everything from high fashion make up, bridal make up, hair styling, tanning, pamper days and lots more please take a look at the following.

Emma Baker - Bridal Solutions

Chaandni Sarna - Hair and Make Up Artist

Jenny Sherman - Jenny's Perfect Creations