Victoria + Ashley


Me and my Fiancée went to one of the couples portrait experiences with Derek and we had a great time (apart from the fact it was basically sub zero temperatures). Even in this weather Derek made sure we enjoyed our time, and not only that the pictures came out amazing!! Thank you so much Derek. We would thoroughly recommend him to anyone!!


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Fun games and prompts for couples in love

Prompts for creating a fun time on your pre-wedding portrait experience and/or wedding day

Just one of my techniques for creating natural smiles, laughs and a memorable time. I enjoy working with couples of all ages, whether that's on a pre-wedding portrait experience or on the wedding day itself. I prefer to create a situation rather than posing, and I do this by using my tried and tested prompts. The prompts are light-hearted games and suggestions designed to put you at ease, to encourage a smile and to create a few laughs. The wonderful couple are Amy & Liam, more of their images can be seen here.

The one where all the images are black and white

Cold, cold cold. I could barely feel my fingers. I'm so looking forward to waving bye-bye to winter. I don't know about you but me, I'm solar powered, I need the Sun! I need to be doing these portrait shoots with my knees out in a T-shirt, not with multiple layers and frostbite. Anyway, we had fun, the shoot was cut short a little due to the weather, but we did well. When it came to editing I had a strong preference for black and white rather than colour, I was feeling brave and went all-in, everything black and white.

Cerys + Billy

Once I'd sorted out the pronunciation of Cerys, Keh-rris? I'm still not 100%; we got cracking and enjoyed a lovely little portrait experience. I do put the fellas on the spot a little bit, nothing scary, just a few life event questions and silly games. Billy did well; I was quite impressed.