Sofia's baptism

A ridiculously hot day, a lovely ceremony, and all back to the house to enjoy the weather and celebrate Sofia's baptism. What a wonderful little family x

A Beautiful Baptism at St Michael's Church in Aveley Essex

I've met this little one before, and now fast forward a few months, or 6, we're at the baptism. I'm in such a privileged position, it's ridiculous. Weddings, newborns and baptisms, I get hired to do 'my thing' no questions asked. What's 'my thing'? I'm drawn to people, their relationships, the interactions, all the little (big) bits is what makes it for me.

Louise Baptism {Temple Church London Photographer}

Temple Church {London Photographer}

I had the pleasure of capturing Louise's baptism. It was a very special day for a beautiful young girl and her loving family. The baptism took place at the historic Temple Church, London. It was the first time I've worked there; I had visited a few weeks earlier, so I knew how beautiful the church and surrounding grounds were. After the service, we had a short amount of time to arrange a couple of group shots. I had a good helper who rounded up those involved so we could get the shots done fairly quickly and not have people hanging around. It was only a short walk up to The Chancery, A beautiful little restaurant with good food and polite staff. It was a lovely day, and it was a pleasure to be part of it. Here is some of my favourite images from the day, all the best!

Temple-Church-Photography 6.jpg
Temple-Church-Photography 13.jpg