How much time is needed for formal group shots on the wedding day?

I don't have any traditions or formalities when it comes to photography, especially wedding photography. As for formal group shots on the wedding day, I only arrange those which are requested. Before the day, I contact my couples and ask them to think about what group shots they really want, if I'm going to start directing and moving people around, and more importantly keeping people from the bar! Then I want to make sure it's something my couples are actually interested in and want.

Some couples don't want any formal group shots; some want one or two and some half a dozen. Depending on your needs I'll be looking to spend around 10 to 15 minutes on group photos, so no time at all. The formals will be short and sweet, with added humour to speed things up a little and to get some great smiles and giggles along the way.



The images I love the most are emotive and very touchy-feely, and I guess unsurprisingly hands feature heavily in my work. Emotions can be shown in an image in many ways; facial expressions don't always have to be seen to get a feel for the mood or moment.


Becki + Lewis // The Polaroids

Becki + Lewis

A few of the Polaroids from Becki & Lewis' wedding day at That Amazing Place. My first time at the venue and I hope it's not my last! Lovely venue with excellent helpful staff, I was spoilt and very well looked after. The wedding day was superb, so relaxed and enjoyable. We just sort of all floated along, enjoying the day and celebrating the love between the beautiful Becki & Lewis.

Polaroid-Wedding-Photographer-Essex (7 of 8).jpg
Polaroid-Wedding-Photographer-Essex (8 of 8).jpg
Polaroid-Wedding-Photographer-Essex (5 of 8).jpg
Polaroid-Wedding-Photographer-Essex (6 of 8).jpg

When I first met Becki & Lewis.

The morning of a wedding day, bridal prep

 Emma // Bridal prep at The Fennes, Essex

Emma // Bridal prep at The Fennes, Essex

I usually start my wedding day coverage with bridal prep; it's a lovely part of the day which only a few people get to enjoy at each wedding. Me being one of the lucky ones. 
I enjoy this part of the morning because it's mostly very relaxed, I get to meet those closet to the bride, they get to know me a little, and they also get used to having me hanging around.
I love hearing the stories. I might get lucky and have the bride share an embarrassing tale regarding the groom, or learn about some odd quirks, or surprises planned for the day. Something I'd otherwise have missed or not known about if I hadn't been there.
If this isn't for you then not to worry, not all of my brides want photos of the bridal prep time, which I'm totally fine with. It's your day so do what makes you happy.