Mother and Son

 Mother and son moment, Redbridge Register Office.

Mother and son moment, Redbridge Register Office.

I've known Aqeel for a few years, we initially met on Twitter but the first time we met in person was on the day of his wedding. It was kind of weird but in a good way. I honestly felt as if I'd known him for a lot longer, as a real person and not just an avatar on the Internet. So it's a bit of a shame and a regret for me that I never met up with Aqeel before. I think we could have had fun collaborating on projects, learning about each others craft (Aqeel is a talented video & film director), or maybe just messing around with drones and stuff. The messing around with drones and stuff is the more likely ;)

The essential images or 'must haves' to capture at a wedding for me aren't the usual first kiss shot or a picture of the wedding rings or any other expected shot. The important images for me are the in-between moments, the natural displays of affection, the fleeting moments.

This image was taken shortly after the I do's. As the guests began greeting the happy couple, I kept my eye on Aqeel's mum and positioned myself ready to capture any embrace that would happen. I was almost sure this was going to be a moment to capture, as I knew how close they are and how proud mum was of her son on the day. So when I tell my couples I don't have any 'must haves' to capture, I actually do, they are just different and more important to me than the usual wedding day images.

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