I bet you look good on the dance floor

 The groomsmen, fresh after necking shots.

The groomsmen, fresh after necking shots.

I'm not blessed with any great rhythm, so the dance floor is not my usual hangout when at a party. If I am on the dance floor, I feel far more comfortable with a camera in hand, and I can go into my little invisible world and concentrate on documenting others having a great time. Here the fellas have had plenty to drink by now and are fresh from necking shots at the bar. What I love about this image is the contrast in expressions, especially the guy looking a little worse for wear. 

When shooting people and especially weddings, I prefer to use a wide-angle lens which means I have to get up close to fill the frame. What this does is help create an immersive image, one that you can feel part of. This same look and feel can't be achieved using a big zoom lens and shooting from a distance. Getting amongst it and being involved is a must. By this stage of the day, everyone is so used to having me around I can be up close and go unnoticed at the same time.  This approach will enable me to create and capture images that are more about the feelings of the day and not just pretty pictures. For me, that's the most important part of documenting, capturing how a moment felt.

Derek Anson

Dad, husband, photographer, footy fan, always talking about getting fit :)