Lauren & Bradley // Wedding Day

Lauren & Bradley's winter wedding at Orsett Hall, Essex

I'll begin when I first met Lauren and Bradley. I like to meet up with my couples before booking; it's an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, for me to find out what they have planned for their day and to know if I'm going to be a good fit. 
I met Lauren & Bradley at their place, I got to meet the children, have a cuppa, and witness Bradley almost flood the bathroom. That's what happens when you get chatting away; it's easy to forget you left the kids bath running ;). We got along straight away; I loved their plans and energy. It's exciting enough getting married, but even more so if you ditch long-standing dreams and decide to do it asap. That's what they did.


Bridal Preparation in The Barnard Suite

The Barnard suite is a beautiful room, spacious with lots vibrant colours. The kids certainly enjoyed the floor space! I arrived nice and early and set about documenting the day. I love how Lauren had the kids involved throughout the day and also with her during bridal prep. They were certainly entertaining! Lots of interaction and great moments, it was all happening. One of my favorite images is of the cat on the TV looking down towards the mother of the bride. The cat is a little scary/creepy, not really fitting with a wedding but I'm also looking for something a little bit different, maybe a little humorous. The scene was set, all I had to do was wait for an image to pop up on the TV that I felt would work, so lots of luck involved!


The Groom, The Blue Room & The Gold Room

I left the girls and went downstairs to meet Bradley and the father of the bride. Bradley had a drama or two during the morning, like discovering the shoes he had ordered were odd, two right feet. It's a wedding, things like this happen all the time, and are easily fixed. Time for a quick drink and to check out how the room was coming along and it was looking beautiful, everything was coming together nicely.

Back to the bride

With everything looking good I left Bradley in the bar and headed back to the girls.

Final Preparations

A few final preparations and we're all set to go. All that is left is the reveal. Lauren looked gorgeous and wowed all those in the room. I think the facial expressions say it all.

The Wedding Chapel at Orsett Hall

All set to go. Lauren headed to the Orsett Hall Wedding Chapel arm in arm with her proud dad, led along by her bridal party.


After the I Do's, we all headed back to the Blue Room for drinks, pausing along the way for a few group shots. I don't have any formalities or traditions when it comes to group shots. The only ones I arrange are those that are requested by my couples; this is all sorted out before the wedding day. For me, a wedding day isn't about standing around taking directions from a photographer, and my couples agree. Being December it was also cold, and guests couldn't wait to get back into the warmth and enjoy the rest of the day.

Wedding Reception

Now back inside the drinks flowed and the speeches entertained, and before I knew it, the dancefloor was full. Another wedding day had passed in a blink of an eye.