Father and Son

Quality Time

I've spent the last week or two thinking about product photography, shooting products (men's leather bags) and managing a stinking cold. So I'm out of my regular comfort zone and haven't been feeling great. Shooting products has been good, a definite challenge but a good experience.

I'd just wrapped up an early morning product shoot and was heading back to the car. On the walk back I noticed a father & son feeding the ducks, they looked lost in the moment, and it looked beautiful. I wanted to get a shot but didn't wish to intrude, so I thought I'd leave it. Then a 'dog walker' mentioned in passing how wonderful the scene looked, and I agreed.

They were feeding the ducks from a small wooden platform on the edge of the lake. The little boy was very confident and had no fear next to the water. Dad was keeping an eye on circling geese, managing the bread supply and keeping a firm hold of his son.

I don't normally do this, so I nervously approached. I think I said something like "Hi, I'm Derek. A photographer, here's my card. Would it be okay to get a few shots? Yes? Thanks, that's great. Carry on as you are".

Me introducing myself could easily have spoilt the moment. I would rather have captured a few frames without saying "Hi", on this occasion I'm pleased I did. I had permission to shoot; I felt totally comfortable and, to be honest, they didn't fuss. Father & son were back in their moment.