Convenience and Quality

"Because as fun as it is to share iPhone photos conveniently on Instagram, that can’t be my only photography: I also need some photos that won’t look like shit when I look back on them in the future." - Macro Arment

The above quote is from a good blog post I read earlier over at, I do recommend reading it in full.

I'm a big iPhone cam user and it's my favourite camera, the one I reach for first. I rarely go for the 5D, that's become my work camera and I hardly ever use it around the home with my family. That's something I'm changing, starting today.

The reason for the iPhone use is convenience. It's the camera I carry everywhere and the results look great on the small screen. If you've viewed your hip iPhone images on a big screen and felt disappointed with them then one way of adding value and some magic is to have them printed. A printed image always looks and certainly feels better than the digital version. Having prints made is also another backup of your precious moments.

Instagram prints by

Instagram prints by