Wedding Photographer Brentwood - Melanie & Christopher

Brentwood Wedding - Melanie & Christopher


I first met Mel & Chris last summer at the wedding of Naomi & Constantine. We got along really well at the time and I got the call to work at Mel & Chris's wedding soon after. The wedding ceremony took place at St Andrews church in Romford before moving along to the Holiday Inn located in Brentwood, Essex. It was my first time at St Andrew's and it's a good place for photographers. The church is spacious which allowed me to move freely without distracting and the large windows provided lots of good light. Available light photographers like myself would have no problems capturing discreetly, flash free, even on overcast days. I've worked at the Holiday Inn Brentwood before, the function rooms are really nice and the staff were as helpful and polite as on previous occasions. The wedding day was fantastic, i really enjoyed being part of a special day with a couple very much in love.



Sometimes not everything goes to plan... people are late, the weather can be terrible and tiny details are not quite right. Of course everyone wants a perfect day, but If things don't go quite so perfectly stop and remember why you are getting married, thats the only thing that really matters. A special mention for the beautiful bride Melanie who managed to get through the day despite the pain and discomfort that comes with ligament damage. A real super star and definitely not a Bridezilla ;)!!